Anonymous asked: why do girls go to the bathroom together






  • to keep out the creepers trying to sneak a peak into the girl bathroom while your peeing
  • to have a feeling of security
  • to have a place to talk where the boys can’t hear
  • to have someone to help with either your hair, outfit or makeup
  • to gossip in safety
  • to cry in safety
  • to talk about the hottie in your algebra class
  • to get away from the forever judging society filled with antifeminists for a few moments
  • to tell each other you look like sluts and need to tone down the cat eye and pull up your shirt without the chance of other people hearing
  • to tell a secret
  • possibly because you both have to go to the bathroom

Also to rap battle

To sacrifice the males

To have lesbian sex

Because Hermione got attacked by a troll, Ginny became possessed by Voldemort, and Katie Bell was hexed when they went to the bathroom by themselves


the level of fierceness in this one gif is overwhelming 

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The hardest thing about getting older….


The hardest thing about getting older….

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Look at this


I’ve never made this connection before…at the beginning of DH Hermione tells Ron and Harry how a wizard who’d split his soul could heal himself, save himself…remorse

oh, harry

Harry James you precious baby

I’ve read this second bit before, the whole try for some remorse thing, and thought it was just a Harry stabbing in the dark, but nO

It was so calculated

He remembered that conversation

Hermione’s research

actual, possible redemption for Voldemort

he kept that hope, however slim, that Voldemort could be saved

before they cast their final curses, after all that happened, Harry was actually trying to get Voldemort to mend himself back together

Harry james potter you compassionate jerk trying to save your mortal enemy before he utterly and finally destroys himself

Just a second of your time…

I don’t usually do this… But I need your help. In two weeks I am going to travel half away around the world to Tanzania where I will be spending two months volunteering in a small orphanage. There, my friend and I will be teaching English and Math to 80 school children aged from 4-8. These kids come from nothing and most only attend for a meal each day. I have spent a lot of this year fundraising money and have already raised over $1700 to buy much needed supplies and food once I get there. But as I only have two weeks to go I would love to see if I could raise a bit more. Now you can scroll on past this and I won’t mind. But if you have even $5 to spare I would love it if you could help out. The money raised will be spent on school supplies, food and even clothing that the children so often go without. I will be posting pictures and updates on my personal blog once I get there, if you are interested in keeping updated with my adventures. Here is the link if you wish to donate….

Here is the page for the orphange I will be working at… 

Thanks for your time, and remember to keep on laughing :)


Harry Potter dreamcast


Tom Felton has spoken!!! XD


Tom Felton has spoken!!! XD


look at this snape i found


it seems normal but then


what is this


turn to page 394 motherfucker


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He tried it with Dumbledore once and the man laughed so hard it almost worked, but then McGonagall came around the corner. Sirius brags until his dying day that he once seduced Dumbledore himself.

James never actually believes him until one day Sirius gives Dumbledore this huge dramatic wink and then Dumbledore winks back.

James stands up and walks out of the great hall.


Y’all spend a lot of time thinking about Harry Potter, don’t you?



It is the year after the Battle of Hogwarts. School is starting again. And the thestrals are confused by all of the attention they are getting.


oh no

I know I sometimes go weeks with out posting anything and I know I sometimes take weeks to answer your messages but I just wanted to thank everyone who is following this blog and I love you all…

Anonymous asked: Tonight I felt really shitty and homesick but discovering your blog kinda made me feel a lot more comfortable again Thank you

Oh that is so nice to hear :)

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Thankyou okay!!



can you imagine what would happen if arthur weasley discovered google 

The Harry Potter books are set in the early 90’s. I bet that he discovered the Internet around 2000, and was captivated. He probably spent years getting the Ministry to adopt wi-fi, and now he spends his lunch breaks perusing Wikipedia. At home he has a state-of-the-art computer rig with like four massive monitors and he marathons “How It’s Made” on Netflix.